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Htc desire 816 with dual sim adapter, good for Music and selfie's

Known as the vendors that often spawn the premium design, the HTC to try their luck in the mobile phone market share by launching HTC Desire 816 Carrying the 5.5 inch screen, the latest device from HTC phablet relying 5 megapixel camera on the front make this mobile phone very suitable for selfie lovers. Running the Sense interface platform and last, Desire 816 is also equipped with a powerful 13-megapixel rear camera. The HTC Desire also equip 816 with BoomSound for qualified audio quality. Let's take a look inside of this best phone deals review.

HTC 816 dual sim adapter design 

This HTC 816 has dimensions: 156.6 x 7.9 mm x78,7; Weight 165 g.
With plastic material, Desire 816 which has a weight of 165 grams could produce an elegant impression phablet Android. Featuring a thin margin, 816 Desire still loyal to the unibody design that are often found on the HTC flagship phone. With the back of glossy plastic that can not be removed, remove HTC micro SD card slot and dual sim adapter SIM Nano Desire 816 to the right side of the body. It makes sense, because then the phone can be made as thin as possible without the need to provide more space for the sim card and additional memory, like the iPhone 5 and iOS phones next generation.
For completeness keys, volume keys HTC pinning and the power button on the left. As for the top, HTC put a 3.5mm audio jack port. Users can also charge the battery via a micro USB port which is embedded at the bottom of the body.

HTC Desire 816 : The Pros

  • HTC Desire 816 became the first series with 5.5 inch screen relieved, Desire 816 is designed to follow the hallmark HTC family in general. With shiny material, HTC seems to rule out this series body easily leave fingerprints at the time of usage. 
  • Desire Call 816 provides two buttons and two buttons Send to send the message through GSM-GSM dual SIM adapter. Remarkably slot 1 can also be fitted to a CDMA UIM card. Where will the internet settings are automatically recognized. 
  • Desire screen 5.5 inch 816 causes enlarged dimensions of this smartphone, measured 156.6 x 78.7 x 7.9 mm but still feels light because it has a weight of 165 grams. Using IPS LCD panel, the display screen can be viewed clearly even at an oblique angle. Pixel density is actually less special for smartphones costing 4 million, only 267 ppi is still under Ratina-grade. 
  • HTC Desire not support 816 UltraPixel technology for 13 MP primary camera. 5 MP camera while the front is big enough to take selfie pictures. Option camera supporting features available scene modes, effects, continuous, shooting, auto smile capture to crop square. Maximum image resolution of 4224 x 2368 pixels and is capable of recording video 
  • Performance appears with 1.6 GHz Quad Core processor, supported by 1.5 GB of RAM. Graphics processor Adreno 305 submitted on commonly used on middle-class smartphone. Storage capacity was relieved with 8 GB on internal and external slot capable of up to 128 GB microSD fitted, and using android dual sim adapter. The interest is above all a magnificent component is used to run the latest Android operating system KitKat. 
  • Connectivity on WiFi can be used as a WiFi hotspot and tethering via USB to Bluetooth and the latest version 4.0. As usual the available USB network settings and network sharing options of Smart Internet passthrough in addition to the USB tethering. In addition it also supports WiFi Direct WiFi and can be used for MirrorLink connection. 
  • As with other HTC series, HTC Sense and HTC BlinkFeed still occupies the first window, followed by 2 standard window which can be expanded up to a maximum of 5 windows. HTC has included the application Zoe, Car, HTC Guide, Kid Mode, Scribble, HTC Apps and HTC backups. While third party applications pre-installed Polaris Office 5, Facebook, Twitter, Flashlight and WeChat. 
  • The audio quality of the music player and video player sounded clear and round. This is due to the inclusion of BoomSound, but this feature only works when using the earset. This great feature make HTC 816 one of Best phone deals android. For other entertainment, available FM radio with RDS. 
  • Large battery capacity 2600 mAh. This battery can support 737 hours of smartphones in standby mode. Meanwhile, when it is used to receive calls on 3G network, it can last for 21 hours. 

HTC Desire 816 : The Cons 

  • The price is relatively expensive. 
  • The screen is not coated with a scratch-resistant coating, so you should be careful using it. 
  • There is no equalizer settings on the music player and FM Radio. 
  • Button to activate the screen is placed on the top side, so it is difficult to reach given the fairly large dimensions.

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