Monday, September 8, 2014

Why Does My Htc Phone Battery Life Suck

 If you are just moving forward from the field of the feature phones and obtaining a smartphone, chances are you will be shocked at just how poorly battery existence compares. Unlike regular cell phones, which could go days on standby, mobile phones will normally serve you for a couple of days on absolute standby. The htc phone battery existence will drop even faster once you begin to really make use of your phone to complete stuff, like check email and play games.

Why? Because unlike feature phones, that simply use voice and a tiny bit of data for calls, mobile phones convey more advanced features, like Gps navigation, email, web surfing, youtube, HD videos, and gambling. These functions tax the cell phone's battery existence far more switch phones, so it makes sense shorter battery existence.

 Blame the Robot

One more reason would be that the Incredible runs Android, that is a very energy-hungry operating-system. Unlike old versions of iOS (the operating-system that forces the apple iphone), Android is made in the ground-up to operate multiple applications simultaneously. Which means that your email is working while you are on the internet Maps, and Twitter is incorporated in the background while you are playing Angry Wild birds. This is ideal for productivity, although not so excellent for nokia phone battery existence.

 What exactly can one do about this?

 Well, you will find numerous things that you can do. Among the primary things is turn lower the phone's display. It can be done by going to settings>display>brightness. The Incredible's display is among the primary battery draws, so turning it lower helps you to save some serious juice.

 Another factor you should do is switch off some radios when you do not need them. If you are within the subway with no signal, place your phone on plane mode. If you do not use bluetooth, let it rest off. Really, but switching off your phone's mobile network connection, you can aquire a HUUUUGE lg phone battery increase. The issue is your Incredible will not have the ability to connect to the web while information is off, but it is a choice if you want to squeeze a couple of more hrs from it.

 Another factor you should do is set your phone to sync to it's services less frequently. Instead of getting new emails are available in instantly, possibly set your phone to check on for emails every hour approximately. Tell Facebook to sync less frequently too.

 Obviously, if you want to double your htc battery existence, you could get a long battery for best phone deals htc cell phone.

 Anyway, hopefully this can help you cope with your battery worries. If other people has helpful tips, you can share them within the comments.

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